Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Elf on the shelf, gingermelon style.

Well, i have recently heard of a christmas phenomenon, the Elf on a Shelf, now I am not too sure of the concept of the spying elf, but i do love the idea of the elf getting up to mischief! And being found in interesting places!

So I wanted to make my own elf, and the first thing i did was to check the Gingermelon site to see if she had something suitable, and of course she did!
so I made my own wee elf using the wonderful Gingermelon design of Evie the Elf, found Here

Now I just had to make her as soon as the pattern appeared in my inbox, She is the sweetest doll and I love that her clothes and shoes are removable so you can make her more wardrobe options. The only thing I had to change was the size of her shoes, as they didn't fit on my dolls feet very well, I must have overstuffed her feet or something! Anyway here she is, isn't she darling! Now i am so so tempted to make another one, oh alright then! Maybe a blonde one next.

And here is my blonde elf, with toadstools on her hat and dress!

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